Spinning visions of color and sparkle, hints of exotic travel and nostalgia, Carouselle Tribal Belly Dance Company presents a visual experience inspired by women’s dances of the world. Former Directors of Troupe Hipnotica, Adriene Rice and Julia Demarest have teamed up again to create a unique ever-changing collaboration. Danse Carouselle is a professional performance collective, that like the name implies, is constantly rotating and evolving! Currently, performances feature Adriene Rice, Julia Demarest, Lisa Donohue and Miss J9 Fierce.

The Carouselle Tribal Belly Dance Company performances include members of the intermediate tribal belly dance class.

Carouselle ITS utilize all sides of the stage and body and explores Tribal Belly Dance through slow, isolated and rhythmic vocabularies. Classes explore the mystery and celebration inherent to Tribal Belly Dance and offer students the opportunity to perform in local community events. In addition to Carouselle Tribal, Julia Demarest and Adriene Rice produce the  Cues & Tattoos Tribal Belly Dance Festival and own Hipnotic Apparel.





Adriene Rice first began Tribal Belly Dance in 1994 when she discovered FatChanceBellyDance. As a member of the well known San Francisco troupe she had the opportunity to appear in instructional videos and perform in a variety of venues from international festivals to cafes and private parties. In 2002 she founded Troupe Hipnotica, a troupe that created a unique variation of ATS that set the standard for high energy and mesmerizing performances until they were dissolved in 2013. In addition to her ATS training, Adriene’s dance background includes experience in Ballet and Modern Dance. She also continues to take workshops with other Tribal Fusion dancers several times a year.







Julia Demarest‘s interest in tribal belly dance began in the mid 90′s when she first saw performances by the mesmerizing Fat Chance Belly Dance. Shortly after moving to the Seattle area in 1995 she began studying traditional oriental style belly dance. In 2000 Julia joined Raqs Halim, a Seattle fusion belly dance troupe. In 2002 she began study with Adriene Rice and became a founding member of Troupe Hipnotica and eventually co-director until the troupe dissolved in 2013.

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Miss J9 Fierce started studying dance in 1979, she studied jazz tap and ballet til the early 80’s. Went on to study varied dance and performance arts. In addition began to dive into Modern Dance in college.In 2002, J9 began her belly dance journey and just hasn’t looked back. She has studied with various local instructors and national and international as well. Her hours combined dedicating herself to studying her craft soon surpassed the amount of time she spent on her BA. She began to teach and perform about 4 years later! She also co-produces the show Sound and Smoke loves to collaborate with other artists around town.


LisaLisa Donohue first began studying Tribal Belly Dance in 2002 with Adriene Rice and continued on as a member of Troupe Hipnotica until the troupe parted ways in 2013. She has performed in a variety of venues from clubs, festivals and private parties to themed productions with Sound and Smoke’s 20’s-inspired “Cabaret“ and Georges Méliès-inspired “Le Cinèmagicien” at some of Seattle’s most exciting venues. She continues to grow in her dance study and performing arts, collaborating with tribal fusion and fire/flow arts groups in the Seattle area.