We would love to visit your city! See below for descriptions of workshops currently available. We can customize any to fit your needs (all 2 hours unless otherwise requested).

background_aboutAdriene Rice and Julia Demarest of Carouselle Tribal Belly Dance

Carouselle Tribal Belly Dance was formed in 2013 after the disbanding of Troupe Hipnotica.

As the original founders of TH, Julia Demarest and Adriene Rice have teamed up once again to expand upon elements of Troupe Hipnoticas signature moves.

Creating a unique Improvisation Tribal Style vocabulary that incorporates the strength, skill and mystique that is Tribal Belly Dance today.


Upcoming workshops

Work that Skirt! Emerald Sanctuary Retreat  http://www.emeraldsanctuaryretreat.org/

TBA – Cues and Tattoos 2014!

Past workshops

2013 TribalFest

2006-2013 Cues and Tattoos Tribal Belly Dance Festival

2012 Jamballah Belly Dance Festival

2012 The Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive

2011 TribalFest

2007 and 2009 Meathow Moonlight Hafla

2005 Salt Lake City Belly Dance Festival

2004  Spring Fest in Salt Lake City, UT


Workshops Descriptions

Who’s on First? – Quick Improv Formation Changes That Leave Your Audience Wondering What Just Happened.

This Tribal Improv focused workshop goes beyond the fade and other basic lead exchanges. Through Carouselle signature moves like The Snap and Switch, Egyptian Quarter Turn Fade, and The Tunisian Rodeo you’ll learn to change position and direction at the same time while adding a dynamic kick to your performances.


Slow Down, Whirl and Isolate!

Add a Carouselle spin to your improv with some signature moves as well as some brand new ones. We’ll teach from all three of our vocabularies including the SUPER slow and the faster than fast moves. Be ready to “Hustle” our way and add a little “Spanish Fly” to your dance.


Livin’ Large

Want to be able to improv with your whole troupe in one song?  We all love duets and trios but sometimes you want to be able to have all of your members dance at once creating a new element that pulls the whole performance together. In this workshop we will talk about formations and techniques utilizing as many as 9 dancers in a single song. A basic knowledge of ATS moves is recommended.


The Flip Side

 Strategies for incorporating both sides of the body and stage in your improv. In this class we will share Carouselle’s double sided method that allows you to utilize all sides of the body and stage without re-learning your current improv moves or causing your head to explode! A basic knowledge ATS or improv moves suggested.


The Middle Path

 Wondering how to use that beautiful song that seems too fast yet too slow? Wishing you could you use more pops and intricate moves in your improv? In this class we will share Carouselle moves and technique from our isolation vocabulary. We will blend sharp accents with flowing turns and transitions. These moves are subtle, yet powerful and are perfect for medium tempo music.


We like them scrambled!: Dynamic Lead Exchanges

This workshop goes beyond the fade and other basic lead exchanges. Learn Carouselle signature moves like The Scrambler, Egyptian Quarter Turn Fade, and The Tunisian Rodeo. Be prepared to change position and direction at the same time. Be prepared to be scrambled and still have fun.


Two’s Company

Kick up your duets with some quick change moves and spicy variations on some ATS classics. In this workshop we will take you step by step through slow, isolated and fast vocabulary moves made especially for duets as well as some creative ways of intertwining duets and solos. This workshop will also focus building performance skills and learning to maintain energy between you and your dance partner while keeping it improv.


Precision Improv

 Who says improv has to be big and loose? In this class, we will share Carouselle moves that blend sharp accents and flowing turns, rhythmic and arrhythmic elements and let you finally utilize all of that perfectly medium tempo music. In addition, we will share our double sided method that allows you to utilize all sides of the body and stage without re-learning your current improv moves or causing your head to explode! A basic knowledge ATS or improv moves suggested.


Working That Skirt with Tribal Improv Moves!

In this workshop Adriene Rice and Julia Demarest will share Carouselle’s signature ITS style paired with 25 yard skirts (or bigger!).  Learn soaring variations to fast moves that will leave the audience breathless. Bring zils for an extra challenge. Carouselle Tribal workshop always include a yoga inspired warm up and a double sided format that utilizes all sides of the stage. A basic knowledge ATS or improv moves is suggested but not required.


The Dancer is in the Details-A Foundation For Beginners

Through drills, exercises and games we will explore 5 levels of performing tribal improv to include posture, movement technique, leading/following, formations and audience connection. This class is intended to be a technique primer for beginning to intermediate students.